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Unable to display historical

Updated May 18, 2018

Our client desktop running on Windows XP &  SAP4.6V .

We have already setup in Option > Local Data > History > enable > on but unable to view or show history.

We have already uninstall & re install SAPgui.

Appreciate if you can provide us the solution for our problem.

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  • 19 Sep 2008 5:35 am Guest

    The Why:
    The sapgui historical data is stored in the local cache where the sapgui is installed and this needs a high speed connection for the data to be read by the SAP system from the local pc and display the history as part of the transaction.
    Historial data is displayed when the Connection speed for system is set as high speed.
    This means the "low speed connection" setting must be deselected.

    The Fix:
    Open the SAP saplogon , select the system , uncheck/deselect the low speed connection entry under the advanced button and save you changes.

    The Verification:
    Logon to the system just changed , and select Customize Local Layout (ALT+F12)
    Select the Options menu item and view/change the History Settings under the Local Data tab.
    The Local data is usually stored in :Documents and SettingsSapWorkDir

    Best Regards
    Peta Gergen
    SAP Basis Admin
    KPMG Australia
  • 01 Jul 2009 11:16 am Guest
    I have already made the above changes still i am not able to get history
  • 09 Jul 2009 8:24 am Guest

    In the SAPGui Options for Local Data tab,
    You can modify the "Directory for Local Data" to a location that you have write access to.
    Also select the History "On" Radio button.
    The default settings for History and Local Cache should be sufficient.
    Select Apply and OK

    Best Regards
  • 09 Aug 2010 1:53 pm Guest
    Check note 931540