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Difference between rdisp/keepalive and rdisp/gui_auto_logout Parameter

Hi Gurus,  

Can you please let me know the difference between rdisp/keepalive and rdisp/gui_auto_logout?

rdisp/keepalive vs rdisp/gui_auto_logout

I read the document but could not quite get the difference.  



  • 07 Jun 2009 2:08 pm Amit Shedge Best Answer

    You can get the description of both the parameter by using tcode rz11 

    1) Parameter : rdisp/keepalive

    Short description: Timer for unused connections check

    Parameter Description : 

    Specifies the maximum time (in seconds) after which the dispatcher, uses a ping to check a SAP GUI connection on which no data has been transferred for this length of time. If the SAP GUI does not respond within the time specified by %%rdisp/keepalive_timeout%%, the dispatcher terminates the connection.

    Value of 0 deactivates check

    2) Parameter : rdisp/gui_auto_logout

    Short description: Maximum time of no input at the GUI

    Parameter description :

    You can define that inactive users are automatically logged off from the SAP system after a specific period of time has expired. This parameter specifies the time period in seconds.

    By default, the automatic logoff is deactivated in the SAP system (value 0), that is, the users are not logged off, even if they do not perform any actions over a long period of time.