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User EarlyWatch does not exist in Client 066

User EarlyWatch does not exist in Client 066 or does not have the required authorizations for performing service sessions. This note also applies if user EarlyWatch or the entire client 066 was deleted by mistake.

Execute the following steps:

1. Create Client 066 if it does not yet exist.

Call transaction SCC4 (maintain entries in table T000) and check whether Client 066 exists. If not, create an entry for Client 066.

Cli Name of client            Location of client        Curr
000 SAP AG                    Walldorf                  DEM
066 EarlyWatch                Walldorf                  DEM

2. Import the default contents to Client 066.

The following transports contain the entries and profiles for the user EarlyWatch in Client 066 as well as for the related profiles. The transport for 3.x also contains the second default user SAP*.

              CAUTION: The user passwords are set to their default values.

              You must change the passwords.

For Releases 3.0* and 3.1*
The files client66. dat and client66imp.cmd are attached to this note in the compressed file client66_31x.CAR. First, unpack this file. Then import the files client66.dat and client66imp.cmd into your transport directory and use R3trans to import them as follows:

As user <sid>adm:
cd /usr/sap/trans
ftp sapservX                      ( X= 3..7 )
User: ftp
Passwd: ftp
ftp> lcd /usr/sap/trans           (lcd into transport directory)
ftp> bin                          (binary mode)
ftp> cd /general/R3server/abap/note.0007312/client066.31G
ftp> get client66.dat
ftp> get client66imp.cmd
ftp> bye

The import is performed with the following commands:
As user <sid>adm:
cd /usr/sap/trans
setenv ORACLE_HOME /oracle/<sid> (Oracle only)
setenv ORACLE_SID <sid>          (Oracle only)
/usr/sap/<sid>/SYS/exe/run/R3trans -v client66imp.cmd

The path names mentioned above may have to be adjusted accordingly. Replace <sid> with the ID of the SAP System, for example,  C11. An RC 0004 can be accepted.

When you are importing client 066 to IBM AS/400, take the following into account:
1. Downloading files from sapservX using ftp: Refer to Note 37987.
2. Logon as user <sid>OFR to import the client.
3. Call R3trans: R3trans '-v client66imp.cmd' Note the apostrophes around the command parameter.

When you are importing the clients to an ADABAS system:
Before using R3trans, the environment variable DBHOST should temporarily be switched to the database host, but should be reset afterwards

3. Synchronize user buffer

    For R/3 Releases 3.1G to 3.1I
    In transaction SU01, choose 'Utilities -> Mass changes -> Reset all user buffers. This reset also affects subsequent logons (see Note 75908).

    For R/3 Releases 4.0* to 4.6*, 6.10 and 6.20
    Execute the following function modules in transaction
    SE37 -> Single Test:
    SUSR_SYNC_USER_TABLES        with TABLETYPE = 'X' and  CLIENT = '066'
    SUSR_RESET_ALL_USER_BUFFERS          with CLIENT = '066'

    You can ignore exceptions such as 'Refresh_not_successful'.

4. Only for 3.x: Change password for user SAP*
    Logon as user SAP* in Client 066 with password "06071992" and change the password.

Question & Answers

Q1: Target client=066 was forgotten during the import

A1: The transport has nevertheless been transferred to the correct client 066 because Importclient=Exportclient, here = 066, is valid.

Q2: The transport was imported to the wrong (production) client.

A2: Logon as user SAP* to this client and change the password. SAP* should not be used as production user and should be locked if necessary. The EarlyWatch user can be deleted in the wrong client.
Now, import the transport using unconditional mode U1 (for 'reimport') to the correct client 066.

Q3: 4.x only: You also want to import user SAP* into client 066.

A3: In Release 4.x, if you wish to reimport user SAP* in or reset it to default, for example for user administration, in client 066  instead, import the transport SAPKVSDF40
instead of the transport described in point 2) for 4.x. transport files can be found in the same directory general/R3server/abap/note.0007312/release4.x  Import this transport only into client 066 and then change the password for user SAP* as in point 4) of this note.

Q4: The authorizations for  /BDL/*, /SDF/*,RFC1, SUGX are missing for the EARLYWATCH user.

A4: Import the transport that is valid for your system from the EARLYWATCH066.SAR archive into your system or adjust the S_TOOLS_EX_A profile as follows:

In your system, call transaction 'SU02' (edit authorization profiles manually), and enter the profile "S_TOOLS_EX_A". Select the field 'Only active' versions, and then choose 'Enter'.

Double-click the profile "S_TOOLS_EX_A" and then double-click the object 'S_RFC' (authorization check in the RFC access).

In the menu bar, click the 'Maintain values' button.
Now add the following four entries to the list:

- /BDL/*
- /SDF/*
-  RFC1

Choose 'Enter'. Save the entries, and click the 'Activate' button in the menu bar twice.

Q5: User Earlywatch is missing authorizations for the new Service Data Control Center (TA SDCCN). This is imported by SP2 as of ST_PI 2005_1*.

A5: Import the transport that is valid for your system from the EARLYWATCH066.SAR archive into your system or assign the following authorization objects to the EARLYWATCH user:

Profile (in Basis rel 40*-46D)

  • S_SDCC_READN    Read authorization
  • S_SDCC_SERVN    Collect and send data
  • S_SDCC_ADM_N    Admin authorization                                                                 *

Roles (as of Basis Release 6.10)

  • SAP_SDCCN_DIS   Read authorization
  • SAP_SDCCN_EXE   Collect and send data
  • SAP_SDCCN_ALL   Admin authorization