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What is a SAP Menu and User Menu?

What is Area Menu in SAP?

SAP Menu is an area menu that is centrally defined or overridden by an entry in the user master record. The SAP Menu or SAP Area Menu displays all SAP t-codes available in the SAP Menu tree (and also it will collapse your Favorites folder if it's open).

How to Create Area Menu in SAP?

Please follow the steps below in order to create the SAP Menu/SAP Area Menu:

  • Execute t-code SE43 in the SAP command field


  • Now click on Create Area Menu icon or press F5.

Create Area Menu Button

  • Next, fill in the name & description of the new Area Menu and then press Enter

Name of Area Menu

  • Next, select the Area menu and click on the Add entry as Subnode icon or press Shift+F7.

Add Entry as Subnode

  • Now add new entries for the area menu along with their respective t-codes in the table and then press Enter to proceed

Enter new menu options

You will now see sub-nodes added to your Area Menu

Sub-nodes Added

  • Now click the Save icon to save the new Area menu.

Save area menu

Select the Package and click the Save button


All the data of the new area menu ZSTECHIES have been saved.

Data was saved

Now execute the new area menu ZSTECHIES in the SAP command field.


You will see your area menu with the transaction sub-nodes.

test area menu


What is User Menu in SAP?

User Menu is a menu that contains all the functions required by a user. When a user clicks the User Menu icon it will display the list of all SAP transactions which the user can execute on the basis of Roles assigned to that user in SAP

How to Create User Menu in SAP?

User Menu is created and assigned by a system administrator using the role maintenance.

Note: Role Maintenance is created with the help of the PFCG transaction code. Each user can define their own favorites, menu in the SAP Easy Access screen that is displayed together with or instead of default menus.

In order to modify the User Menu execute t-code PFCG


And then modify the menu on the roles using transaction code.

Role maintenance

Display User Roles

To display user roles just click the User Menu icon or press Cntrl+F10 on the SAP Easy Access screen.

Usen menu