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End to End Implementation in SAP

Hello Experts,


And what are the things we will do in the end-end implementation?

Thanks in advance.


  • 27 Sep 2011 7:32 am Arunakumar Gudla Best Answer


    'End to End Implementation' is the entire project Execution which consist of different phases like project preparation, Blueprint, Realization, Finalization, Go-Live and support.

    Each module as followed/prepared by its own As-Is and To Be documents for implementing or customizing the module in realtime.

    An End to End Implementer have the knowledge on Project Execution phases, Integrate the module with other modules, Testing knowledge on product/module and capable to Go-Live the module at production client.

    Hope its useful..

    I am looking forward your reply..



  • 25 Feb 2010 4:57 am Sunil Helpful Answer
    no one know what is end to end implementation?
    actually every company demands atleast one end to end implementation completed.
    one of my friend had go through an interview he tell the interviewer about configuration of SAP and he selected for implementation.

    So i think no body knows about this completely.
  • 07 Dec 2017 11:09 am Guest

    @ Mr. Sunil,


    No one knows about End To End Implementation is not true, I think its a Understand Process.

    End To End Implemention betterly explained by Mr. Arunkumar which includes you process from your Kick Off Meeting, Requirment gathring, Gap Analysis, Blueprint, UAT, User Training, OB Upload, Go-Live and Support after Go-Live.

    This process shall give you knowledge about all process during the process of  implementation which included, Documenation part, client interaction as well as your technical and fucntion knowledge.


    Hope, this is a End to End Implementation !!! :-)