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Difference between Client Copy and Client Refresh

Shalesh Singh Visen || 16 Mar 2009 3:55 pm || 0

Client Copy vs Client Refresh

Sometimes these are the same, For example, if you are performing a copy to an existing client for the express purpose of updating the data, then it is called Client Refresh.

If you are copying to a newly created client then it is more appropriate to say “client copy.”

Another way of thinking about this is that a client copy from production to a QA server or from production to DEV server is really a client refresh.

Some basis differences 

  • Client refresh means overwriting or copying to existing client whereas Client copy means copying to the newly created client.
  • Client refresh includes refreshing data of the existing target client and based on the client copy profile used for the copy process whereas client copy includes transferring client-specific data within the same instance(SID) or different instances(SID).