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Difference between System Trace, Developer Trace and System Log

15 Oct 2009 5:16 am || 0

System Trace (ST01) vs. Developer Trace (ST05) vs. System Log (SM21)

Please explain to me what is the difference between System Trace, Developer Trace, and System Log?

ST01 - System Trace which will be required when you want to record a trace for the system.

System trace will record the application level activities of sap system like dump error, etc.

ST05- Performance Trace (Developer Trace) which is required when any user complaining for a long transaction and you want to record all activity of Transcation.

Developer trace will detect the development related error and it can be used for a developer to correct the errors.

SM21- System log is for the recent logs for your CI and application server. Whatever happens in SAP it will write a system log.

System logs will detect and correct the error os entire sap systems. Useful for analyze the issues when sap system stop and start issues.