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Start of Shadow Instance Failed when upgrade Schema

11 Feb 2016 11:48 am || 0

Developer trace dev_w* shows the following warning and error because start of Shadow Instance failed during upgrade.

Warning: Env(MSSQL_SCHEMA) [prd] <> Prof(dbs/mss/schema) [PRD]. Profile value will be used.

Incorrect syntax near 'execute.'.

<if user_name() != 'PRD_shd' execute as login =suser_sname(suser_sid('PRD_shd')) with no revert> failed connect terminated

sql error 102    performing CON [dbsh         1246]

Incorrect syntax near 'execute.'. [dbsh         1246]

*** ERROR => ThInit: db_connect


Environment variable MSSQL_SCHEMA of the user <sid>adm doesn't match parameter dbs/mss/schema setting which is in the instance profile of the shadow instance.

The user_name should be <sid>_shd (<sid> is in lower case). However, the error shows <SID>_shd. It indicates that the schema is set as <SID> instead of <sid> in somewhere.

Make sure the schema related parameter and enviroment variables consistent.

You should check the parameter dbs/mss/schema which is in the shadow instance profile <SID>_DVEBMGS01_<hostname> under usrsap<SID>SUMabapSIDDVEBMGSXXwork (XX is theinstance number of shadow instance ).

Now run command set in command prompt under user <sid>adm, and check MSSQL_SCHEMA and other schema-related variables if they exist. For exampe, dbs_mss_schema.

If  dbs/mss/schemaor MSSQL_SCHEMA or dbs_mss_schema is set as <SID>, change it to lower case <sid>. To active the environment variable change, OS server need to be rebooted.