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Background Job Running Long time

shaik || 19 Jun 2013 12:06 pm || 1

Hi Team,

Backgrounds job running long time i checked in app server and process id is working fine but actuallty daily it ran 2 hours but it taken for long time could you please on this issues ,but i checked in sm12 it held on lock entries why?




  • 19 Jun 2013 11:40 am Helpful Answer

    During the update user session get terminated due to some error then thE lock entry remains on that field. 

    Check SM50 regularly to see that whether the process is hanging on a table fetch or check that any of the DB table is not getting frequent locks in SM12.

    You can use STAD (or older one SE30) to have a trace of the program if you have that access and will be a great help in finding the problem.

    If you can't due to some reason, then next time job runs for long (while in ACTIVE state), 

    Also, you should check that if your job does any table update, is there any new index created in prod system for that table.

    If you can't find anything, then take the necessary access in Prod from basis temporarily and debug the job to find exact issue.

    Maybe your job is not running at all and thats why you are unable to see any records. To check this -

    • Please goto tcode SM37, select your active job and goto tab Job -> Check Status.

    Incase the job was idle and was cancelled internally (but not in the system), it will get cancelled in the system.

    Incase it doesnt get cancelled, it means it is running in the system. To check where it is stuck please check this -

    Check the PID (via SM50) on which your job is running on the server.

    Goto tcode ST04OLD. Click on Detail Analysis Menu. Click on 'Oracle session' and check for the PID in the sessions list. The entry against that PID will show where exactly and on which query in your job stuck/running.