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6 Best Alternatives to Photoshop in 2017

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6 Best Alternatives to Photoshop in 2017

Top 6 best Photo Editor which can be used as an Alternative to Adobe Photoshop in 2017 are:

1) GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Cost: FREE


  • Resize an image
  • Crop an image
  • Resize a layer but you have to know what you want to resize it to


  • GIMP is it is very slow
  • You can’t move multiple layers at a time or select multiple layers at a time.


Now if you are looking for something that really competes with Photoshop on every level, I think AFFINITY PHOTO is about as good as it gets It is a very good program and it is a fraction of the price of a full blown Photoshop.

Cost: 50$

You can create custom brushes, there are a lot of options in there and there is a lot you can do. It is a fully featured painting program as well. If you like doing graphic design, you know like website layouts, app layouts, you can do even that sort of things in AFFINITY PHOTO as well. That’s something else Photoshop’s used for a lot. Yeah, AFFINITY PHOTO is probably the best Photoshop alternative out there.


Cost: 30$

If you are on a MAC another one worth checking out is called PIXELMATOR. It’s only 30$ and it’s very close Photoshop Clone, all the tools are in the same place, everything kind of functions the same way. AFFINITY PHOTO tends to be a little different, they have their own idea of how to use things so if you are used to Photoshop it might be more a learning curve, whereas with PIXELMATOR it’s really no learning curve at all, you can just jump in and a lot of the tools just make sense. One thing I would say is that I have this program and it does everything pretty well but for the drawing aspect of it, I think there is better stuff out there.


Cost: 50$

CLIP STUDIO used to be called manga studio. Mange studio is really popular amongst comic artists. I used to use it all the times. I have used it less and less over recent years.


One of the things that I have always loved about it is it has a kind of brush smoother that has phenomenal brush smoothing, it makes your lines look super crisp and clean and I haven’t dived too deep in terms of how adjustable the smoothness is of those brushes but there is no delay to it, you are not dragging it like some brush smoother, it just does it kind of automatically and it seems to do it really well.

Most of that stuff is built for people who are doing like a graphic novel or like a full fledged comic book. There are like page organization feature in that. I haven’t gotten into that stuff too much so I haven’t really missed any of those features.


Cost: FREE

MEDIBANG is completely free and you might know and you might know it by another name, Fire el Pacca. One of the great things about MEDIBANG is that it’s available on any platform including like the i-pad and any Android tablets, and including MAC and PC of course. And as a bonus, if you have an i-pad and you are working on a desktop, save and transfer your files, they have cloud settings as well so you can do that sort of thing. The only downside of MEDIBANG is that if you sign up for the cloud service they will send you promotional e-mails that are in Japanese.


Cost: FREE

The people who use KRITA frequently love KRITA and I can see why. It has a lot of phenomenal brushes, has a lot of good stuff and it’s free. KRITA also happens to be one of the most requested reviews I get in this channel. 

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