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How to activate Split analysis during delivery creation?

20 Feb 2013 6:32 pm || 0

To activate a detailed split analysis, which is written into the collective processing log, check first whether the Support Package (in which the preliminary corrections of this note are delivered) is already available in your system. If the corresponding Support Package is still missing, you must implement the described advance corrections:

    1. Using the ABAP editor (transaction SE38) and the Function Builder (transaction SE37), copy the source code corrections from the correction instructions into your system.

    2. Create the user parameter LESHP_SPLIT_ANALYSIS.

        a) Call transaction SM30 for the table maintenance.

        b) Enter the table name TPARA and choose "Maintain".

        c) Enter the name of the new user parameter LESHP_SPLIT_ANALYSIS and confirm the entry. In a dialog box, the system asks you to enter a short text. Assign the short text "Activate split analysis for deliveries".

        d) Save your entries. Assign the parameter to the development class VL.

    3. Using transaction SE91 for the message maintenance, change the short text of message VL033 to 'Item &1: Delivery split because of deviating header data (&2: &3 <-> &4)'

To activate the split analysis at runtime, proceed as follows:

    4. Assign the user parameter LESHP_SPLIT_ANALYSIS to your user master record and enter the value 'X' for it (without inverted commas). For this purpose, you must branch to the function "System -> User Defaults -> Own Data" and select the tab page "Parameter".

    5. You must ensure that the display of info messages in the collective processing log is enabled for the shipping point, for which the split analysis is supposed to be carried out. Branch to the detailed view of the shipping point in question and check whether the checkbox "" is selected in the column "Background Processing".

    6. Carry out the collective processing as usual.

If split analysis is activated, the system displays message VL 033 in the collective processing log for a document item that could not be supplied together with the other items of the same document. In the short text of the message, the system displays the technical name of the field responsible for the split. In general, there is a field with the same name in table LIKP with the header data of the delivery so that you can use the ABAP Dictionary (transaction SE11) to determine the description of the field name. The following field names are not included in the table LIKP but they may be displayed in the split log of the delivery:
Field    Description
KUNNR    Customer Number
LIFNR    Account Number of Vendor or Creditor
PERNR    Personnel number
PARNR    Number of contact person
ADRNR    Address
KUNWE    Customer number of goods recipient
ADRNR_WE    Address number of goods recipient

Field ZUKRL has a special status. Using the copying routine, you can fill it with any data in order to control the delivery split. In the unchanged standard system, in case of order-related deliveries, this field is filled with the distribution channel and the division from the order header. This means that the split returns to a different sales area due to the field ZUKRL.
Apart from the field name, the system displays the two different field values that cause the split in message VL033. The second value in the short text of the message relates to the field value in the item to be delivered, and the first value relates to the checked comparison delivery.

Note that in the case of activated split analysis, the delivery error log of the delivery is, due technical reasons, sorted in ascending order according to the document number of the preceding document. In addition, the performance of the collective processing can be changed insignificantly since additional data must be determined and managed in the delivery processing.

Up to now, message VL 033 is already issued in the dialog of the delivery creation log (transaction VL01N). However, the reduced description of the field, which resulted in the split, has been issued here.  After you have implemented this note, the technical field name will be displayed here as well.