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Types of Sales Documents Exists

05 Feb 2008 4:06 am || 0

How many types of Sales Documents Exists?

Sales document can have many different document type. Each document type has its own usage.

Some commonly used document type are:-

  • OR - Standard Order
  • RE - Returns
  • FD - Delivery Free of Charge

Different Sales Document type have different control parameters.

For e.g. Document type ZOWN :-

General control:- 

Check Division -

Blank -> no checks
1 -> Dialog to inform user that the division is different from material master
2 -> Error when division is different from material master


Immediate Delivery

Blank -> Create delivery separately
1 -> Create delivery immediately when sales order is save
2 -> Create delivery if quantity can be confirmed to day

Maintain Sales Document Type

  •  Transaction VOV8 - Double click on the document type to check the configuration.

Some configurations you can specify:-

  • Check credit limit
  • Define the default Delivery type
  • Define the default Billing type
  • Block the Document Type from being used etc.

The following document types are available in a standard SAP system for use:

01 - Cust.Independent Req
AA - Promotion Order
AE - Qtn from Serv. Order
IN - Inquiry
QT - Quotation
AP - Project Quotation
AR - Repair Quotation
AS - Service Quotation
SI - Sales Information
AV - Quotation f.Contract
B1 - Reb.Credit Memo Req.
B1E - Exptd RebateCredMemo
B2 - Rebate Correctn Rqst
B3 - PartRebSettl.Request
B3E - Exp.PartRebSettl.Req
B4 - Reb.Req.f.Man.Accrls
BIND - Indir. Sales Rebate
BK1 - Agrmt Cred.Memo Req.
BK3 - Agrmt Cred.Memo Req.
BM1 - Agrmnt Deb.Memo Req.
BM3 - Agrmnt Deb.Memo Req.
BV - Cash Sale
CH - Contract Handling
DHU - SlsDocTypeDelyHUmvmt
DL - Order Type Sched.Ag.
DLR - Ord.Type Returns Del
DZL - Dec. Dely Order Type
ED - Issue by Ext. Agent
EDKO - Correction f.ExtAgnt
CR - Credit Memo Request
G2WT - Credit Memo Req. Val
GK - Master Contract
KA - Consignment Pick-up
KAZU - ConsignPick-up CompS
KB - Consignment Fill-up
KE - Consignment Issue
FD - Deliv.Free of Charge
CQ - Quantity Contract
SD - Subs.Dlv.Free of Ch.
KR - Consignment Returns
KRZU - ConsignReturn CompS
DR - Debit Memo Request
L2DM - Expense DebitMemoReq
L2DP - Expense:Payment Req.
L2WT - Debit Memo Req Value
LA - Ret.Packaging Pickup
LK - Sched.Agreement ExAg
LN - Ret.Packaging Issue
LP - Scheduling Agreement
LV - Deb.MemoReq. f.Ctrct
LZ - Sched. Agr. w/ Rel.
LZM - SchedAgrt w/Dly Ord.
LZS - SA:Self-bill w/Inv.
MAKO - Dely Order Correctn
MV - Rental Contract
NL - Replenishment Dlv.
PLPA - Pendulum List Req.
PLPR - Pendulum List Ret.
PLPS - Pendulum List Cancel
PV - Item Proposal
RA - Repair Request
RAS - Repairs / Service
RE - Returns
RK - Invoice Correct. Req
RM - Delvy Order Returns
RZ - Returns Sched.Agrmnt
SO - Rush Order
OR - Standard Order
TAF - Standard Order (FPl)
TAM - Delivery Order
TAV - Standard Order (VMI)
TSA - Telesales
WA - Rel. to Value Contr.
WK1 - Value Contract- Gen.
WK2 - Matl-rel. Value Cont
WMPP - WM Prod.Supply
WV - Service and Maint.


1. This list differs between SAP versions.
2. As a guide, the most common document types are marked with bold.

The sales documents in SAP SD are in 4 categories:

1. Presales

a. Inquiry - IN
B. quotations - QT
c. Free of Charge delivery - FD

2. sales oRders

a. Standard order - OR
b. Rush order - RO
c. Cash sale - CS

3. Outline agreements

a. Quantity contract - CQ
b. Maintenance contract - WV
c. Rental contract - MV
d. Scheduling agreement - DS

4. Complaints

a. Credit Memo request - CR
b. Debit Memo request - DR
c. Subsequent delivery, free of charge - SD
d. Return - RE