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Invoice and Sales Order Number Table

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi ,

 I am an ABAP consultant. I need table names where we can get delivery document no respective to sales order no. In the same way table name having invoice no and sales order no.

Please let me know if you have tables as mentione above.

Thanks in advance.


  • 05 Jun 2013 7:11 am Guest Best Answer

    You just try to get invoice number through VBRK based on documnet type, date and so on.

    If you know the sale order number then please get invoice number or delivery number through table VBFA.

    VBFA is the table of the flow of sales document, so you can find all SD(Sales and Distribution) document in VBFA, so sales order.  Now you have to know the type of a sale document..

     You can find this information in field VBTYP:

    A - Inquiry

    B - Quotation

    C - Order

    D - Item proposal

    E - Scheduling agreement

    F - Scheduling agreement with external service agent

    G - Contract

    H - Returns

    I - Order w/o charge

    J - Delivery

    K - Credit memo request

    L - Debit memo request

    M - Invoice

    N - Invoice cancellation

    O - Credit memo

    P - Debit memo

    Q - WMS transfer order

    R - Goods movement

    S - Credit memo cancellation

    T - Returns delivery for order

    U - Pro forma invoice

    V - Purchase order

    W - Independent reqts plan

    X - Handling unit

    And if you also want to find the order like preceding document: