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PGI (Post Good Issue)

What is PGI Means?

PGI Concept: PGI stands for Post Good Issue. PGI is done when the delivery is complete and the goods are issued to the customer. In other words when the physical stocks are delivered from the storage location PGI is done to reduce that delivered stock from the present stock.


Suppose a customer demands 100 qty of some material. At first you will check whether you have the stock of that material or not. When you see in the system you will have a stock of 110. So now you can deliver the 100 qty from the stock.

Next when a new customer comes in and requests for the 50 qty of the same material. Again you will check the system. Well, now the system should show you the stock as 10.

The upadate in the stock from 110 to 10 is done through PGI. We do PGI to update the stock so that if you have delivered some stock that delivered stock should be removed from the present stock.

How To do the PGI?

Go to T.code VL02N --> Enter the delivery number --> Click the Post Goods Issue button on top right hand side.

PGI Creates an accounting entry:

  • Change of Inventory A/c Dr   
  • To Inventory Account

PGI has following effects in SAP:

1. Billing Due list is updated.

2. Inventory quantity / valuation is updated, material planning is updated.

3. LIS is updated

4. Updated the Document flow in Sales Documents.

How to Reverse a PGI?

Yes you can reverse a PGI. By T.code VL09 you can reverse the entire quantity but partial quantity reversal is not possible. In other words you can't reverse the PGI for one item/partial qty in delivery document.

To do the Reversal PGI Steps are following:

1. Go to T.code VL09

2. Then go to VL02N delete the picking quantity.

3. Then delete the particular item. Once done you can again click post goods issue or you can reverse the entire delivery & then delete the delivery & then create fresh delivery.