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Allowed Fields is missing while creating condition table.

Updated May 18, 2018

If the field catalog is extended to include a new field, the new field is not available in the definition of condition tables or the definition of access sequences.

First Check whether the desired field is present in Field Catalog or not.

IMG>SD>Basic func>Pricing >Pricing control>Define Condition Tables -> Conditions: Allowed fields.. go to new entries then press F4

The allowed fields for conditions and access sequences are defined in the tables KOMG, KOMK and KOMP.

The fields in tables KOMK and KOMP can be used for the definition of access sequences, and the fields of table KOMG as key fields for condition tables.  A field which is taken up into the field catalog from tables KOMK or KOMP is ONLY valid as the definition of access sequences and NOT as a key field for condition tables, therefore it does not appear in the selection list of condition key field.

Check whether desired the selection of condition records can be reached using the definition of an access sequence.
For example, different condition records can be selected according to the ship-to party (although the ship-to party field only appears in the KOMK field and is therefore not available as a key field for condition tables), so that condition records are created which contain the customer number as a key field and also have an access sequence which allocates the ship-to party field to the the customer number field. If there is no suitable field in tables KOMK, KOMP or KOMG, see the 'system modification' section of SD Customizing.