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Approved CATSDB Records

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Approved CATSDB Records

How can I resolve an issue where we have approved CATSDB records with no corresponding records in the CATS interface tables PTEXDIR, PTEX2000, and CATSCO? As a result, the data cannot transfer to the target HR and CO modules of SAP...and we cannot update the CATS records using CAT2 transaction. (Error received)

New development that we deployed for a mobility project changed the status of the CATSDB records to '30' (approved) but failed to write records to these three critical interface tables. The offending code has been corrected but we haven't come up with a good solution for fixing the data situation caused by the bad code.

On the bright side, only 14 employees (about 100 CATSDB records) are affected. Right now, my planned course of action is to use the SAP utility RCATSDEL to delete the CATSDB records (obviously not a typical solution for production) and re-enter the data into CATS. This is not an ideal solution for our BI / BW friends and other downstream systems, but it is the best I can come up with.

SAP report RPUPTEXDIR00 has proved to be of no value in this situation.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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