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Assign a Cost Center manually in a Sales Order (VBAK-KOSTL)

09 May 2007 11:38 pm || 0

The Cost Center Determination settings is in OVF3 - but there are some cases where the Cost Center must be exceptionally changed.

If the document category for order type in IMG VOV8 is defined to be "I" which belong to order type FD - Deliv.Free of Charge, then the field cost center is active for input during transaction VA01.

Alternatively, you can specify an order reason and assign a cost center to an order reason.

However the standard SAP works only at the header level though, so it would not work if cost center is needed on the line item.

The cost center are assign for such business transactions as :

- Free deliveries
- Returns
- Deliveries of advertising materials

You can also make cost center allocation dependent on the order reason, for example:

Order reason: Damage in transit
Order reason: Free sample

Both the IMG settings are done in transaction OVF3, either with/without the order reason.