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Automatic Delivery Block for a Material in Sales Order

Automatic delivery block for a material in sales order.

I have requirement that whenever CSR enter a material it should go for automatic delivery block and CSR able to save this order with delivery block.

Please suggest .


  • 17 Jul 2013 7:09 am Sushma

    The delivery block can be done for a Sales document type in T.code VOV8 (Sales Header Level).
    Here you can specify the reason for block.
    During sales order create?delivery block will happen ?automatically?

    Later you can check and remove the block in change sales order using T.code VA02.
    Also delivery block?can be maintained?at ?Schedule line category level ,

    if you can take the help of an? Abaper?,in ?the Sales order user exit MV45AFZZ?to include the program code below
    IF sy-tcode EQ 'VA01' AND vbak-lifsk IS INITIAL AND ( sy-uname NE ' ADD ur own user ID ' AND sy-uname NE 'ADD ur own user ID ' )
    AND??? vbak-vkorg EQ '2000' AND vbak-vtweg EQ '20' AND vbak-spart EQ '01'.
    ??? DATA : BEGIN OF lt_item_old OCCURS 0,
    ?????????? posnr TYPE vbap-posnr,???? " SD Document Item Number
    ?????????? zmeng TYPE vbap-zmeng,???? " Quantity Of that Item
    ?????????? END OF lt_item_old.
    ??? CLEAR : lt_item_old[], lt_item_old.
    ??? SELECT posnr
    ?????????? zmeng
    ??????? FROM vbap INTO TABLE lt_item_old
    ??????? WHERE vbeln EQ vbak-vbeln.
    ??? IF sy-subrc EQ 0.
    ????? LOOP AT xvbap.
    ??????? READ TABLE lt_item_old WITH KEY posnr = xvbap-posnr.
    ??????? IF sy-subrc EQ 0 AND lt_item_old-zmeng NE xvbap-zmeng.
    ????????? vbak-lifsk = 'Z8'.????? " Delivery Block - Authorization Await
    ????????? EXIT.
    ??????? ELSEIF sy-subrc NE 0.
    ????????? vbak-lifsk = 'Z8'.
    ????????? EXIT.
    ??????? ENDIF.
    ????? ENDLOOP.
    ??? ENDIF.
    Hope it helps