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Block Material in Sales Order

Updated Jul 11, 2019


How to delete Block Material in Sales Order?

Is there a way for me to block material from ever being entered in the Sales Order, if so how?


If you want a material to be blocked, go to the Basic data 1 view of the material, there in the general data you have " X-plant material status ". Also in Cost estimate 1 view of the material you have Plant Specific Material status. Use the options available to block the material in these two views.

You cannot use the material in sales order

Use the material exclusion function:

SD> Master data > Products > Listing/Exclusion> Create ( Tcodes VBO1, VB02, VB03)

Enter the list/exclusion type B001: For the required customer:

Enter Maintain materials > Save > Exit

Create the order and enter material excluded to test exclusion.


For IMG settings; Go to IMG > SD > Basic Functions>Listing/Exclusion

Ensure that the listing/exclusion procedure is activated for your order type. You can also create your own condition types access sequences and procedures or use the SAP provided ones.

Additionally, another option is the sales block in the material master...

It is in one of the two sales data tabs and you are able to configure specific blocks that allow it to be entered on credits but not on orders, blocked from all activity, allowed for quotes only, etc. It is one setting that becomes sales area specific and can easily be removed if you change your mind. It also has an effectivity date that can be used.