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The settings for BONUS BUY

06 Feb 2008 7:20 am || 1

hi can any body help me regarding the settings for bonus buy

Bonus buy is a functionality we use to give more than one material at a different rate than what we normally give them when they are sold together. Like if A is 15/- and B is 20/- when sold individually but when sold together, we can sell them at say 30/- which is at a reduced price.

Configuration follows the same condition technique where we create a condition table, an access sequence, a condition type, a pricing schema and activate that schema by assigning it to the required combination of sales area, cust price proc, doc price proc. After which finally, maintain the records using transaction code VBK1. Here give the condition type for which you want to maintain the condition records with proper selection of materials required to be sold as a combo deal


  • 24 Mar 2008 8:50 am
    Very clear.