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Changing date for the column assigned as of in PPOME

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Changing date for the column assigned as of in PPOME

If you want to modify the date for the column you have to use a parameter in IT1001-Relationships. You have to change the date of the link that is assigned to as the right date .You can do that by using PO10 for the org or PO13 for the position and therefore the different side of the relationship is changed automatically.

In the next step for PPOMESAP transaction codes, you will have to choose the date you would like to look at the org structure as of. Now at the top of the org structure you have to click on the calendar icon. Whenever you want to see any amendment you have to enter a date for viewing and a amount of your time. If you say enter 1/1/2012 and a couple of years within the future you may see the org structure and assignments as of the date and inexperienced or red arrows for individuals or positions denoting they are going to be going in or out of the position or organization and therefore “Assigned as of” and “Assigned until’ columns will show the suitable starting and ending dates.

The OM (organizational management) can build all 10 openings in one transaction with the help of PPOME.

While using PPOME “SAP transaction codes”, if you ought to add new positions you have to perform a structural search to open the organization. Now you have to select a similar position that is mapped within the same job, you will get the same position title to hold the same amount of information as the additional positions that ought to be added.


By applying all these steps you can change the date for the column for PPOME.


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