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Cross company without intercompany billing

11 Dec 2012 1:37 pm || 0

You create a delivery-related customer billing document.
The transaction is a cross company situation.
Customizing, however, is configured so that no intercompany billing is carried out.
When you release the billing document to accounting, the system displays error message
KM026 "Profit center  does not exist for &"
KI100 "The CO account assignment object belongs to company code &3, not &4"
KI 348 "Sales order &1 is assigned to controlling area &2, not to &3".

The profit center is that of the plant.The profit center is not determined according to the substitution for cross-company-code transactions.

For a cross-company code ssales, the account assignment objects must not be copied to the customer billing document.

Proceed as follows to solve the problem:

1. Implement Note 48941 first.

2. Use Transaction VOFM to create a new copying requirement for billing documents (for example 604) for this billing process by copying the one that you normally use (generally 004) and extend it as described in the attachment.

3. Afterwards, assign this requirement to your billing process (Customizing Document flow Billing documents: for example F2 LF TAN)

To correct existing documents, proceed as follows:Cancel the billing document and bill again.
If you do not want to cancel existing documents, implement the attached repair (program RV60AFZZ) and either release the documents individually (VF02, default transaction) or with the list of the blocked billing documents (VFX3).
When you complete the repair, cancel this solution (RV60AFZZ) (performance).