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Deficit of SL Unrestricted-Use 10,000 PRS : 1280000072 U100 RM01

Dear Sir,

When I am trying to PGI, suddenly this above error occurs, I don't know why it has being,
because the stock of material is ok (sufficient) in MMBE & MB52 in under regarding storage location & plant, kindly do the needful, so that we can do our further process.



  • 21 Nov 2013 5:37 am Sushma
    The following error comes due to two reasons:
    * When the stock exists, but it might have been consumed by the other
    sales order, already created.
    * Though the stock exists, but it might not be in the unrestricted stock. It
    might be in some other type of stock, i.e. restricted stock, quality stock,
    on-order stock etc,

    Kindly have a check, & do inform.
  • 21 Nov 2013 5:37 am Sushma
    This error may appear because of the reservation created, please check in
    MMBE whether any reservation is created for this material? Also check if
    the stock is blocked by somebody, then you can ask the concerned person to
    remove the reservation/block.
  • 21 Nov 2013 5:37 am Sushma
    The error could have occured the stock should have been allocated for some
    other sale orders or some delivery or delivery line item might have been
    deleted here those could be locked or is there to process it might have
    locked hence check those all. Or please execute this program sdrqcr21 in sa38
  • 21 Nov 2013 5:38 am Sushma
    Whenever you feel that system is not allowing PGI-even though the stock is
    there, then you need to check CO09...which tells exactly the holding stock
    in that time.
    Have you see confirmed schedule lines in your order that also need to be
    checked (I think you are able to enter into delivery--no need of such
    As suggested by singodia--any special allocations to any customer in MMBE
    --Please check?
  • 22 Nov 2013 7:58 am Sushma
    Yeah,it's probably because the unrestricted stock has a previous reservation.
  • 22 Nov 2013 7:58 am Sushma

    Stock is probably reserved in another delivery
    In which location system is picking the stock does not available in the
    storage location.
  • 02 Dec 2013 5:50 am Sushma

    Please check with Transaction MD04 you can find the fixed issue for that
    material so that you can get an idea how much stock allocated for sales
    orders and deliveries.
  • 02 Dec 2013 5:52 am Sushma
    Hi ....
    For example if you enter 1000 QTY in delivery document but stock was
    available only for 900 QTY for that material .....

    Please check schedule for delivery in MMBE may be you create delivery
    document and you assign the stock but PGI will not be done at that time the
    stock will not consider for new delivery documents .