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Delivery Split during Outbound delivery.

Hi all,

I am encountering a problem, when i tried to do a Outbound Delivery(Order Combination) it is getting split into two deliveries, the reason what i am getting from the report is EKNUM(Number of foreign trade in MM and SD Documents and ZKURL(Combination criteria for delivery).

Could any one help me please, what exactly is the problem here, and from where the problem is stemming out?

Thanks in Advance.


  • 25 Jul 2013 6:23 am rekha
    There are many reasons of Delivery split it may be due to difference in.....

    1.Shipping point

    2.Ship to party



    5.Delivery priority

    6.Delivery due date or delivery date

    7.Confirmed quantities in schedule line

    First of all, all these should be same, then order combination should be ticked in CMR.

    Go to VTLA, select your order type and delivery type and check out data transfer field routines and also in item category check out for order requirements data transfer fields.

    Maintain the following routines:-

    Order requirements::::::::001

    Combination requirmt:::::051

    Header Data::::::::::::::::::001

    Ensure all these settings and then try to create delivery through VL10 or VL10A or VL10C