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Difference between Transaction SPAU and SPDD

Sd || 23 Sep 2009 6:06 pm || 3

Can any one explain what is exact difference in SPAU and SPDD?


  • 24 Sep 2009 12:13 pm Helpful Answer
    Transaction SPDD is based on the Release Level imported during an upgrade. During the upgrade process there may gave been Data Dictionary changes that need to be reconciled prior to the completion of the upgrade process. SPDD is used to correct these objects which will then create a transport to be used during the Upgrade progression process to QA and Production.

    SPAU on the either hand is used to reconcile repository objects that have been modified by either the customer, SAP or an SAP partner.

    So basically the functions of transaction SPDD are identical to that of SPAU.

    Hope this helps....
  • 05 Oct 2009 7:12 am Helpful Answer
    The other way round u can say ...
    SPAU - is used for Repository Objects Upgradation.
    SPDD - For Data Dictionary Objects Upgradation.