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Genymotion Android Emulator - Download/Installation

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Genymotion Android Emulator - Download/Installation

How to Install Genymotion Android Emulator on Windows

This tutorial explains to you how you can download and install Genymotion, which is an Android emulator on your Windows operating system and this tutorial also explains how you can set-up this Genymotion emulator with Android Studio so in that you can run your Android apps, which you create in Android Studio using this Genymotion emulator.

Importance of Genymotion Emulator

Genymotion Emulator is necessary because you may have observed that the native emulator, which comes with Android Studio is a little bit laggy or slow. So Genymotion can be used as a faster emulator.

Downloading Genymotion Emulator

Please follow the steps given below to download Genymotion Emulator:

Step 1) So first search for Genymotion in your browser. And the first link, most probably appearing here, will be from so just click this link here.

Step 2) And in here, you will be able to see more about this Genymotion emulator and stuff. If you need to download this Genymotion, you just need to go to the bottom and just click “Get Genymotion”.

Step 3) There are 2 versions available for Genymotion. One is business version and the other is a free version. So for learning the purpose, we just want this free version. We don’t want to use the business version. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to use this free version and we are going to download this free version.

Step 4) Now, just click this link below the free version link and select your operating system. Most probably you are on Windows and in here, you’ll be able to see more about Genymotion, there are 2 versions of Genymotion available. When you see here information, you will be able to see there are two versions of Genymotion available. So in Download Genymotion, you will be able to see “Get Genymotion” and you’ll be able to see “Get Genymotion without VirtualBox.”

Step 5) So whenever you want to download Genymotion, it comes with virtual box, which is a virtual machine. if you already have a virtual box installed in your system, you can choose “Get Genymotion without VirtualBox”. But right now, we are going to click this link, which is “Get Genymotion” which will come with virtual box. therefore just click this link. And once you want to download this Genymotion and click this “Get Genymotion” button, you need to sign in. So once you click this “Get Genymotion” button, you will be able to see this sign in a pop-up window.

Step 6) Now in order to get or download Genymotion on your operating system, you first need to have a Genymotion account,you can easily create one account by just clicking this “Create Account” or otherwise, if you already have a Genymotion account, you can just sign in with your existing account. And then you’ll be able to see this file ready to save.

Step 7) Now just save this file.

Installing Genymotion Emulator

Please follow the steps below in order to install Genymotion Emulator:

Step 1) After the download is complete. So just click the Genymotion executable file and select the language for installing Genymotion or leave it at default, which is English.

Step 2) And now the installation wizard will start. So just click “next” and you will see the location, where Genymotion will be installed so just remember this location. Because we’re going to use this location to set up Genymotion on Android Studio. Click “next” and just leave everything as default, click “next”. If you want to create a desktop icon for Genymotion, you can just leave this checkbox checked. Otherwise, uncheck it. And click “next” and just click “install” and installation will start.

Step 3) So now you will be able to see this popup window, which says you need to install this virtual machine or virtual box set up, which is a virtual machine. So you just need to click “next” and “next” and if you want to create a desktop icon for the virtual box, as you know the virtual box is a virtual machine, in which you can install other operating systems, like Windows or other operating systems. So it’s a different software, but Genymotion uses this virtual box to run its emulator. So if you want to choose these 3 options or create a desktop icon, you can choose these 3 options otherwise, uncheck them and click “next” and click “yes” and click “install”.

Step 4) So now, VirtualBox will be installed on your machine to run Genymotion. And you’ll see some warnings. You just need to click install and now the installation of this virtual box is finished so you can just click “Finish” and the virtual box will start or the virtual box manager will start.

Step 5) We don’t need this virtual box manager right now so we are just going to cancel it. And we will wait for this installation to complete. So now the installation of Genymotion is complete and you will be able to see this kind of window. And once, or before you click “Finish” make sure that this “Launch Genymotion” checkbox is checked and then click, “Finish”. And it’ll start Genymotion emulator for you.

Step 6) Now when the Genymotion emulator will get started you will see a popup at the first virtual device. So for the first time whenever you start this Genymotion, it doesn’t have any virtual device. Virtual device means any virtual device which you can start to run your app.

Step 7) So you need to add your first virtual device and for that just click “yes” and in here, you will be able to see no devices. Now for the first time, in order to add a new virtual device, you need to sign in with your credentials, which you have created. So just click “sign in” and give your username and password once again. And click “Sign in” and it’ll communicate with the Cloud and give you all the available virtual devices.

Step 8) Now please choose any one device from the given options. Just select one device, for example, we are going to select this 4.4.4 API 19 for now, but you can choose devices depending on your preferences. So now after choosing the device click “Next” and it will show the properties of the device. Right now, we will leave them as default and click “Next” and now it’ll retrieve and deploy the new virtual device.

Step 9) So now when the set up for the new virtual device is complete you just need to click “finish”. And you’ll be able to see this virtual device in your Genymotion manager and you can select this device, and you can change the properties of this device by clicking the tool button.

Step 10) And now you will notice, it’s using 4 processors and base memory is 2 GB around and the predefined display size or screen size is this, which you can change, depending upon your priorities.

Step 11) Now once everything is done, you can select your device and just click “start” and it’ll start Genymotion for you. So now this device has been started. You can just click “okay” here and now you can browse your menu from here. And you will be able to see all these options here.

Step 12) Now once your Genymotion device set-up is complete, just close all these options and fireup Android Studio. Now as Android Studio has been started. So in order to set up Genymotion emulator for Android Studio, what need to go to the option called “files” and go to settings and search for the option called “plugin”.

Step 13) So select this option called “plugin” and in here, you’ll be able to see this interface and in here, just click this button called “Browse repositories” and this will show you all the repositories in your Android Studio, which you can install.

Step 14) Now search for Genymotion in Browse repositories and install this plugin in order to set Genymotion in Android Studio. So you just need to right click this Genymotion option and click download and install. And now you’ll be able to see this message, “Would you like to download and install Genymotion?” Just click “yes”. So once you do this, what you need to do is you just need to click “close” and now you will be able to see Genymotion option in your plugins.

Step 15) Now you will be able to see Restart Android Studio. You can click this button. And if this doesn’t work, you just need to click “apply” and when you click apply, you’ll be able to see this option, which says that restart Android Studio to activate changes in plugins. So just click “restart”.

Step 16) Once Android Studio has been restarted, again you will be able to see this small icon here for Genymotion plugin. So just click this new button, which is created after installing Genymotion and this is the Genymotion settings option.

Step 17) Now for the first time whenever you set up this plugin, you need to give the folder for the Genymotion, where Genymotion is installed in your system. So browse for the same folder. In C: go to program files and in here, go to Genymobile and just select Genymotion folder. And click “okay” and click “apply” and click “okay”.

Step 18) Once your Genymotion folder path is configured, you just need to click this button once again and now you will be able to see this Genymotion Device Manager.

Step 19) Click “start” which will start your device and now your device has been started. So we have successfully configured Genymotion in Android Studio and now you can run all your Android apps using Genymotion emulator. You just need to cancel this Genymotion Device Manager from here because our emulator has already started. And you just need to click this run button.

Step 20) So whatever application you want to run, you just need to click this run button in your Android Studio. And then you need to choose this Genymotion emulator from here. Just click this Genymotion emulator, click “Okay” so you can see our Android Studio app is running.

So in this way, you can download and install Genymotion on your Windows operating system and configure it with Android Studio.

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