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Error 'Inserted value too large for column'

17 Feb 2016 3:55 pm || 0

We are getting an error : "Inserted value too large for column". While using the migration tool for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA to migrate our SAP Business One databases from Microsoft SQL to SAP HANA. 


You are getting above issue because during the migration, SAP HANA may convert single-byte extended characters (one-byte ASCII character values between 128 and 255) into double-byte characters in varchar columns. As the data type of user-defined fields (UDF) in SAP Business One is varchar, migration of UDFs may cause the storage size in SAP HANA to exceed the original column length.

Please check whether your UDFs contain double-byte or quadruple-byte characters, such as letters with accute accents (e.g. "é") or Arabic characters. If there are such special characters, take either of the following actions:

  • Please Reduce the length of relevant strings
  • And Increase the size of relevant UDFs (at most 255 characters)