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Mandatory Order Reason for certain Document Type

02 Feb 2006 11:48 pm || 2

Is there a configuration that can be done to ensure that the Order Reason field is selected for certain doc types?

order reason field cud be made mandatory for standard orders but it cannot be made for selected orders

check the incompletion procedure at documnet type - transaction flow. there u can maintained the requirements for completion. like reason no 14 checks for order reason.

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u can acheive this by incompletion procedure... the incompletion procedure 14 in the group A- Sales header which is used in the returns can be assigned to your sales order (where ever you require the order reason is manadatory)... Or you can define your own incompletion procedure and assign it to the sales order...

You could even try screen variants. Very easy to set up. You will find this in the IMG -> Basis services -> app tayloring. TCODE SHD0. Then assign the variant to the sales order type.

Copy BUS2032 to ZBUS2032 and change to your specification.


  • 22 Jul 2009 4:01 pm
    How to retrieve order reason code for Sales orders through report?
  • 18 Mar 2011 8:12 pm
    As stated, the order reasons codes cannot be tied to specific documents as part of configuration. You will need a userexit for the document header that checks the document category and then accesses a custom table with the document category type as the indexed field.