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What is the meaning of One Time Customer? How does it configured and what are its impacts?

26 Aug 2011 5:54 am || 0

One-Time Customer

Customers who only enter into a business transaction with you once are called one-time customers in the SAP R/3 System. It is not necessary to create a customer master record for these customers, since there remains no need for this master record after the business transaction has been carried out, and it would only require unnecessary storage space. For example, you order merchandise from a different vendor once, because your preferred vendor cannot deliver.You create collective master records for one-time customers.

SAP Create One time customer

A one time customer can be created using the standard account group that exists for a 'One Time Customer' in SAP .
One time Customer Account group will be having its own mandatory fields such as Addresses and bank details that are required for a single transaction.

The following is the steps:

SPRO-->Financial Accounting
-->Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables
-->Customer Accounts-->Master Data
-->Preparations for creating Customer Master Data
-->Click Define Account Groups with Screen Layout
-->Click New Entries -->Check the field One time Account

V-07 - Create a one-time customer. (Account Group - CPDA)

In order for the user to create sales order, you have to maintiain the Account group for the Sold-to Party. (SP)
VOPA - Maintain Partner Determination

Click Partner functions
Click Environment -> Acct. grp. assignment
To create a new entries, press Page Down till the last line.