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No modification of Infotype 0065 from yymmdd

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No modification of Infotype 0065 from yymmdd

PY-GB: FPS error 'No modification of Infotype 0065 from XX.XX.XXXX'

Hello SAP Experts,

While executing the FPS report in Live mode, one or multiple employees are rejected with the Error displaying 'No modification of Infotype 0065 from [date]'.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


  • 23 May 2018 5:00 pm

    Please follow the steps below in order to resolve this issue:

    • First please check the authorization of the user running the report and ensure that they have access to update IT0065 in the required mode (i.e. foreground or background).
    • Also please make sure that the the data on the existing IT0065 is correct. User can check this by opening the infotype then hitting Enter to run the infotype's validations. Any errors displayed need to be rectified.
    • Please check the "Retroactive accounting relevance for payroll" setting of IT0065 in V_T582A (field RUREC, "Retr.acct.payr.") and V_T588G and make sure they are correct. USer can also can check the standard settings in client 000 for reference.
  • 23 May 2018 4:56 pm

    The above error can be caused due to following:

    • Lack of authorization. The results of executing the possablityreport in the foreground can differ to the results while running in the background in batch mode. When executing FPS report in live mode, user authorization to update IT0065 is required. possibilitythat the user has access to update IT0065 only in the foreground but not in the background.
    • Incorrect data/ errors on the existing IT0065
    • Customizing settings of the Infotype attributes of IT0065

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