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Next date (CMNGV) - meaning and function

06 Feb 2012 10:02 am || 1

The meaning and the function of the 'Next date' (CMNGV) field is not clear.

The 'Next date' is a header field in sales and distribution documents. In the sales order, it specifies the next planned shipping date.

In the sales order the system determines the schedule line with the next material availability date from all schedule lines and sets this date as a 'next date' (VBAK-CMNGV). In the delivery, the system determines the picking date or the goods issue date (after picking has occured) and sets this as a 'next date'.

Since this is a header field, the 'next date' field exists only once per document. (Also see the documentation for data element CMNGV).

The "next date" is only determined, if a document:
  - is subjected to the credit check
   - if the credit status is determined for this document (VBUK-CMGST).

The "next date" is not determined or redetermined if
   - an item is rejected
   - an item is delivered
  - or if a different action is carried out which does not
     trigger a new credit check

Thus the item in the sales order which causes the 'next date' may no longer exist or it may already be completed. The system still does not redetermine the 'next date' as long as no new credit check is executed for the document.

The 'next date' is used to determine documents with a critical processing time. Thus the field can be used for the selection in the release and list transactions VKM1 and VKM4. For example, sales orders can be selected this way which should have been delivered before the current date which has not occured because of the credit block. Then the credit representative can edit such documents with priority.


  • 08 May 2014 6:37 pm

    Thanks for the explanation. It was really helpful