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Performance Optimizations for FI-CA on SAP HANA

03 Mar 2016 5:25 pm || 0

How to do the Performance optimizations for FI-CA on SAP HANA?

As of SAP Enhancement Package 7 for SAP ERP 6.0, SP 02, and SP 03, you can improve the performance of numerous Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable processes. To do this, you have to activate optimizations for the database accesses in Customizing, in particular for column-oriented main memory databases such as SAP HANA:

In the Implementation Guide (IMG) of Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable under "Technical Settings -> Activate Optimizations for Database Access", activate the optimization IDs. The following optimizations are available:

Process                     Transaction code Optimization ID
Payment Lot FP05 0001, 0002
Cash Desk Evaluation FPCJR 0004
Payment Run FPY1 0010, 0011, 0012, 0020, V010
Automatic Clearing FPMA 0020
Dunning Proposal Run FPVA 0020, 0030, 0031, 0032 , 0033           
Dunning Activity Run FPVB 0035, 0036
Correspondence Printing FPCOPARA 0040, 0041, 0042, 0043
Open Item List FPO1/FPO4 0050
All item-relevant posting processes (for example, FPY1, VYSPA)  0060
CO-PA Transfer FPG3M 0070
Reconcile with General Ledger FPG2 0071
Check Totals Tables FPT1 0072
Check CO-PA Documents FPG7, FPG7M 0073
Release to Collection Agency FP03M 0079, 0082
Submission to Collection Agency FP03DM 0083
Information for Collection Agencies FPCI 0084
Mass Run: Write-Off FP04M 0080, 0081
Interest Run FPINT1 0085, 0086
Mass Activity: Revenue Distribution FP60M 0087, 0088
MassAct. Post Distribution Documents FP60PM 0089, 0090
Credit Clarification FPCRPO_DET 0100
Invoicing FKKINV_MA 0550, 0580
PS-CD Transfer of Billing Documents P001
Account Balance FPL9 R001, T001
IS-U Create Bill EA26 R480
Insurance Billing Documents VYCOV004  V015
Debit Entry VYSPA V020
Payment Plan Transfer Function module ISCD_SCPOS_MAINTAIN V030
FS-CD Dunning Proposal VPVA 0020, V040, V041
FS-CD Dunning Activities VPVB V045
Broker Report IBR50 V055

For more information, see the following release s:

  • FICA_607_2_PERFOPT (for SP 02)
  • FICA_607_3_PERFOPT (for SP 03)

that not every activation of an optimization ID for your settings and data in the productive system may lead to a performance improvement.

Optimization of customer-specific FI-CA event definitions

SP 03 provides the new FI-CA event 1820 for custom developments for FI-CA events within mass activities:

In the mass activity framework, the event 1820 performs preparatory selections prior to the processing of each individual interval. By default, no processing is intended at this point. However, you can define an installation-specific function module.


In the interval module of a mass activity, the system selects customer objects. The mass activity is a SAP standard implementation for the interval module. To optimize the data selection, fill the buffer for the subsequent selection in the interval module at event 1820.

Typically, the parallel processing object (I_BASICS-RUNKEY-OBJECT) is determined for this. For this object and the current interval limits (I_LOW, I_HIGH), a suitable mass read module can be called, which writes the data read in a buffer. The single accesses that subsequently occur in the interval module can then read from the buffer.

Further optimizations for your own customer developments

For general performance recommendations for customers, see

On the left side, navigate to "Performance -> Resources -> Best Practices for ABAP Performance". This displays a list of documents. In particular, the document "Performance Do’s and Don’ts ABAP", which does not contain any recommendations that are specific to SAP HANA, but recommendations that are nevertheless valid for SAP HANA.

Currently, there is an exception for SAP HANA: We recommend that you do not use joins in combination with SAP HANA because this may have a negative effect on performance.