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Pricing preparation in billing document (user exit)

Updated May 18, 2018

If you fill fields in the user exits for pricing preparation in the billing document (RV60AFZZ) that are used in pricing in formulas (condition base formula, condition value formula) or requirements, the pricing result in individual processing online (VF01) may differ from the result in collective processing (VF04) after saving.

The solution section of this SAP Note describes possible causes in the user exits and helps you to analyze the errors.

1. The fields of TKOMP or TKOMK were filled from the fields of the structures VBRP or VBRK. However, when you save the document, these fields do not contain the required information in total price determination. In general, this information should come from the header lines XVBRP or XVBRK of the internal tables with the same name. Example: MOVE XVBRP-ZFELD TO TKOMP-ZFELD

2. Fields of TKOMK must not be filled in userexit_pricing_prepare_tkomp because, in this case, only the header line of the internal table TKOMK is manipulated; however, no correct entry is made in the table with the corresponding administrative data.

3. The system uses data from fields of the table work area VBAK or this work area is manipulated with the SELECT * FROM VBAK statement. In the first case, make sure that the correct entry is available in VBAK (may have to be read - see SAP Note 111906).

              Otherwise, all read operations should be carried out in separate work areas, for example SELECT ... INTO Z_VBAK.

              This applies correspondingly to the use of VBAP fields.

4. Certain fields cannot be used in the billing document; refer to SAP Note 117189.