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Remove configured SAP system from RFC server

21 Sep 2017 9:18 am || 0

How to remove configured SAP system from RFC server?


There are two methods to remove SAP system associated with the RFC server:

Method 1)

Perform a complete uninstallation of the RFC server and then re-install it

  1. The above step will remove all the SAP system currently configured with your RFC server. Now you can re-configure the SAP system according to your requirement.

Method 2)

Edit the RFC configuration file.

  • First find the flrfcsrv.xml file under <DQM for SAP INSTALL DIR>/config.
  • Now at the bottom of this config file, you will notice some associated SAP systems with each system occupying two (BATCH and TRANS) sap_config_id attributes. Please remove the desired system.
  • Restart the RFC server