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How to Reprocess the IDoc (Inbound & Outbound)?

You want to reprocess IDocs with status failed:

IDocs with status 51 -> Application Document not posted.


IDoc containing error status 51, could be caused by technical problems on the IDoc transmission.

Please check the error messages produced by the processing.

Reproducing the Issue

Call transaction BD87.

Enter IDocs status 51 and press enter.

A screen similar to the below screenshot should be displayed. Error “Status 51″ are application or data related errors:


After checking the error in transaction BD87 and the root cause, it should be possible to reprocess the IDoc following the steps below:

  • Goto WE19, select IDoc and execute.
  • The details will be shown of the IDoc.
  • Change the data in the segment as per your requirement.
  • Click on standard inbound process.
  • If you want to execute the process in foreground, click on standard inbound function module.
  • Select related function module
  • Execute the process in foreground/background.

For outbound:

  • Follow the four steps above.
  • Click on standard outbound processing