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Sales Order Management Transactions

10 Nov 2007 10:11 am || 0

Reviewing Document Flow VA03
Searching for a Customer Sales Order by Serial Number ZV11
Order Inquiry ZV33

Creating Sales Order VA01
Maintaining a Sales Order VA02
Displaying a Sales Order VA03
Releasing an Order or Delivery from Credit Hold: Non-Flooring VKM1
Releasing an Order or Delivery from Flooring Hold ZKM1
Manually Pre-authorizing Blocked Credit Card Orders Z.14
Display List of RMAs by Customer VA05
Confirm RMA Goods Receipt VL02
Generate list of open return orders for deletion VA05
Display Customer returns eligibility MCSI
Removing a Billing Block (Approving Credit/Debit Requests) V.23

Create Pricing VK11
Creating a Sales Deal VB21
Maintaining a Sales Deal VB22
Displaying a Sales Deal VB23
Maintaining Prices VK12
Displaying Prices VK13

Creating Material Substitution Master Data VB11
Maintaining/Deleting Material Substitution Master Data VB12
Displaying Material Substitution Master Data VB13
Creating a Bundled Master MM01
Creating a Sales BOM CS01
Maintaining a Sales BOM CS02
Displaying a Sales BOM CS03

Creating Partner Records XD01
Maintaining Customer Master Data XD02
Displaying Customer Master Data XD03
Deactivating a Partner VD06
Creating/Maintaining New Customer Credit Information FD32
Displaying Customer Credit Information FD33
Blocking or Unblocking a Customer VD05

Creating a Delivery VL01
Displaying a Delivery VL03
Deleting a Delivery VL02
Shipment Inquiry / Display VT03
Adjusting Transfer Order - Confirmation Quantity LT12
Collectively Confirm Transfer Order LT25
Batch Shipment Confirmation VL19
Creating Service Provider/Carrier Master Data XK01
Maintaining Serive Provider/Carrier Master Data XK02
Displaying Service Provider/Carrier Master Data XK03
Maintaining Product Master/Serial # Profile/Unit of Measure/Shipping Unit MM02
IDoc Inquiry WE02 / WE05
Workflow Instructions

Invoicing a Customer Shipment VF01
Reprinting an Invoice VF31
Releasing a Sales Order for Billing V.23
Creating an Invoice by Using the Billing Due List VF04
Checking Open Billing Documents VF05
Create Credit/Debit Memo FB01
Controlling Total Debit/Credit bkgs F.03
Generate FI Account balance F.08
Generate Month-to-date Inv. register F.02
Process payments FBZ1
Rqst Individual Customer Corresp. FB12
Generate Customer Correspondence F.61
Enter Batch totals under Control ttl FB07
Display G/L Acct. totals FBL3
Reverse Posted Amounts FB08
Customer Refunds FBL6
Customer Refund to other than Payer FB05
Clearing Debit/Credit on Cust. acct. FB1D
Customer Balance in Local Currency F.23
G/L Account Balance Report F.08
Create Invoice - legal entity adjust FB01
Generate Cust. Acct. statements F.27
Generate Dunning Letters F150
Generate Billing Due List VF04
Generate Blocked Billing Doc list VFX3
Inq. via Credit Release Screen VKM1
List orders by partner VA05
Past Due invoices by customer FD11
Check number info by G/L account FBL3
Display customer Line items FBL5
Post Customer payments FF68
Verify if A/R is updated FB03

Some inportant transaction for Sales and Logistics are as follows:
VS00 - Master Data;
VC00 - Sales support;
VA00 - Sales;
VL00 - Shipping;
VF00 - Billing.
VD01 - Create customer master;
VD02 - Change customer master;
VD03 - Display customer master;
XD01 - Create customer master centrally;
XD02 - Change customer master centrally;
XD03 - Display customer master centrally;
VD04 - Customer account changes;
VD06 - Customer deletion flag;
VKM3/VKM4 - Sales documents list.
MM01 - Create material master;
MM02 - Change material;
MM03 - Display material.
MMBE - Stock Query
MB52 - Ware house Stock
VA01 - Create sales order;
VA02 - Change order;
VA03 - Display order;
VA05 - Sales order list.
ME21N - Purchase Order
ME51N - Puchase order from Purchase requisition
MIGO - Goods Movement

VL01 - Create delivery;
VL02N - Change delivery document;
VL04 - Delivery due list;
VKM5 - Deliveries list;
Vl09 - Goods issue cancel.
VL31n- Inbound delivery
VF02 - Billing document change;
VF04 - Billing due list;
VF11 - Billing document cancel.
CO09 - Material availability overview;
MMBE - Stock overview.
VOV4 - Assign Item categories;
VOV6 - Scheduling line categories;
VOV8 - Define Sales document.
VOK0 - Maintain Pricing;
V/06 - Pricing;
V/07 - Access sequence;
V/08 - Maintain pricing procedure;
OVKP - Pricing procedure determination.
VK11 - Maintain Condtion recoreds;
IW21 - Create notification
IW31 - Create work order
IE01 - Create Equipment master
FPE1- Create document
FPE2- Change document
FPE3- Display document
INSOCREATE - Create Insurance object
INSOCHANGE - Change Insurance object
INSODISP - Display Insurance object