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Sales Order Overall Credit Status problem

Hi All,

For a particular Sales Order, when I go to VA03 and then "Display doc. header details", there in the Status tab, field "Credit Status" is "Not Approved" and "Overall Blocked Status" is "Blocked".

Also for the same sales order, in transaction VKM3, the "Overall Credit Status" is "B" and "Status" is "TermsOfPayment" .

Is there anyways I can analyse or find out why this sales order is blocked ?

Thanks in advance


  • 10 Sep 2009 6:45 am rekha
    Which SO type you used in here ?
    Maybe you can take a look in configuration of Sales Order Type and Credit Limit Check (VOV8).
    Or maybe the problem is the customer account in that SO, you can analyze the customer credit limit in tcode F.31.