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Sales orders displays completed but not supplied yet.

Updated May 18, 2018

The delivery status by mistake displays sales orders as completed  although for these orders, no deliveries or not enough deliveries have been created.

The problem can occur if you use the function of the complete delivery check and the sales order could not be supplied in previous supply attempts due to a complete delivery condition which has not been met.

The orders with the incorrect delivery status remain in the delivery list, however, they mistakenly receive message VL455 "No delivery-relevant items in order xy, order type zz" in the log of the collective processing when you try to supply these orders again.

Transfer the advance correction from the correction instruction to your system by using the ABAP editor (Transaction SE38).

The sales orders which receive an incorrect delivery status due to the program error can be repaired with the help of report Z_SALES_ORDER_DELIVERY_STAT from the correction instruction. Create the report as an executable program in your system and execute it. You can make restrictions on the selection screen with regard to the shipping point (selection criterion S_VSTEL), delivery creation date (S_LEDAT) and document number of the order (S_VBELN). If the test flag (P_TEST) is set, the report only carries out an analysis and provides a list of the affected documents. If the test flag is set, the statuses are corrected on the database.
For reasons of performance, the report only adjusts the status inconsistencies of the sales orders which have been arisen due to the program error in the complete delivery check. You should use standard report SDVBUK00 for the complete recalculation of the order statuses.