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What is SAP Activate?

Updated Apr 12, 2024

The SAP Activate, also referred to as the SAP Active, is the unified solution for all SAP product-specific solutions and their customer transitions.

It represents a next-generation project implementation methodology aimed at delivering and implementing SAP innovations and solutions effectively. In short SAP Activate is a methodology provided by SAP to guide organizations through the implementation of SAP S/4HANA.


The SAP Activate Methodology provides a structured framework for efficient and rapid implementation or migration to SAP S/4HANA. It offers guided support for implementing SAP software, whether directly through SAP or via an SAP partner.

This methodology streamlines the implementation process, ensuring smooth transitions and optimal utilization of SAP solutions. It is designed for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid system deployment modes, built on the ASAP and Launch methodologies.

The ASAP methodology supports on-premise implementation only, whereas Launch supports the cloud deployment mode. In contrast, SAP Activate supports both on-premise and cloud deployment modes.


SAP Activate provides a standard list of guided procedures. These procedures can either be automated or include step-by-step explanations of the process, which are based on repetitive project processes. This approach reduces the chances of defects and ensures the delivery of high-quality projects to customers.

The main objective of this methodology is to accelerate the implementation process.

SAP Activate is built on three main tools, which are as follows:

1. SAP Best Practices:

It includes best practices with ready-to-run processes, their documentation, and years of experience in implementing solutions. You can leverage market-tested best practices that are standardized procedures, ready for use in your system.

2. Guided Configuration:

It offers comprehensive sets of templates, guides, and tools that companies can utilize during their projects. Additionally, it includes project charts, roadmaps, and other benefits.

3. Methodology:

This approach is flexible, providing descriptive deployment guidance that can be adapted to various organizational structures, company types, industry sectors, and project sizes.

Different phases of SAP Activate Methodology:

SAP has divided Activate Methodology into six different phases which are as follows:


In this phase, SAP S/4HANA is introduced to the enterprise, involving both management and end users. This phase allows for experiencing SAP S/4HANA before implementation, enabling the creation of roadmaps and strategies tailored to the software's implementation.

During this stage, clients can access 30-day free trials provided by SAP for exploring both cloud and on-premise editions, helping them in deciding which option to choose. This phase helps clients understand the functionality and benefits of SAP cloud solutions for their businesses, setting up broad implementation strategies for the project.


The plans initiated during the Discover phase are finalized in this phase.  Implementation plans are created based on the information gathered in the Discover phase, and conversion strategies are formulated accordingly. Teams are organized, and project management strategies are established. Therefore, this phase involves initial planning and strategy development to kickstart the project.


In this phase, teams analyze standard SAP business processes and compare them with existing business processes to identify fit/gap items that need resolution. This may involve modifying standard SAP processes or adjusting how businesses conduct their processes.

Fit/gap analysis workshops are conducted to identify configurations and extensions that best align with customer requirements. Functional gaps between standard SAP processes and business processes are identified, and the project scope is determined and finalized.


During this stage, the team resolves fit/gap items by configuring the system to adhere to SAP standards and implements both functional and technical changes.
In this phase, the configuration and system integration are completed and preparing for the production environment.


This phase involves final testing, technical steps to make the solution live, and finalizing infrastructure and operational aspects.
The solution is implemented and tested in a controlled environment before being rolled out to the production environment.


In this phase, the solution is monitored in the live environment to ensure that it meets the business requirements before being handed over for standard use.

Why do you need SAP Activate?

SAP Activate is essential for seamless SAP implementation within your organization, whether it's your first deployment or a migration to the SAP Cloud application. It facilitates error-free integration with other SAP cloud software and third-party applications, providing comprehensive assistance from the SAP team throughout each deployment stage for a smooth and successful implementation process.


SAP Activate is a step-by-step procedural guide that helps in the implementation of SAP software in organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises to small businesses. It provides a structured approach to ensure smooth and efficient deployment of SAP solutions.