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SAP Build Code?

Updated Apr 27, 2024

SAP Build is a no-code/ low-code app development platform designed for Java and Java script designers. SAP Build Code is a development environment that is tailored for SAP development.  

It is a code generator based on Joule's generative AI, optimized for Java and JavaScript application development. With SAP Build, you can create cloud-based applications effortlessly. It makes your application development faster as most of the code is automatically generated.

How to Access SAP Build Code?

To access SAP Build Code, you first need an account on SAP BTP, either a trial account or an enterprise account.

Please use this link if you do not have an account:

Once you have access to SAP BTP Cockpit you can see the SAP Build APPs instance.

Then you can click SAP Build Apps to open the lobby. SAP Build Lobby is the starting point to create a backend application in SAP Build Code.

The Lobby contains the list of all the projects.

You can use the Filter option to show only your project or a project of a certain type.

You can create a project by selecting the Create button.

In the SAP Build screen, it will ask you What would you like to do? Let’s click Build an Application.

Then Build an Application window open. It will ask Which type of Application you would like to build. Let’s select Web and Mobile Application.

Then Create Build App window appears. In the Project Name tab type the name of your project and press the Create button.

Then you can see the UI canvas for the first page of your App already with a title and text component to get you started.

You can drag and drop the visual component on the canvas. You can configure their properties and quickly preview them as a web App.

What is the Difference Between Build Code and  Build Apps?

Once you're in SAP Build it will ask you What would you like to do? Select Build an Application and click the Create button.

You'll see two options: SAP Build Code and SAP Build Apps.

SAP Build App is a no-code tool that eliminates the need for writing code. In contrast, SAP Build Code is a pro-code tool designed for developers.

SAP Build App allows you to build apps without coding, simply by dragging and dropping components on the canvas. It allows you to create end-to-end applications without writing code, suitable for both web and mobile applications.

It's user-friendly for both developers and functional consultants.

When using SAP Build Code, there are three different methods for creating applications.

  • Hand coding: By choosing this method, you can create the application end-to-end by writing the code entirely, including the back end, front end, data model, and services
  • Visual development: It is similar to Build App; you don’t need to write code here. Instead, you choose existing elements, create the data model and service, and for the front end, you can follow the predefined template where you need to write a little bit of code for application logic, but not much.
  • Joule: The last method involves using Joule, which is very important. Joule is SAP’s generative AI Copilot used for generating codes. All you need to do is provide the details in conversational text or voice message, and Joule can create the data model and service.

SAP Build Code is also used for both web applications and mobile applications.

Advantages of SAP Build Code

  • It has strong integration capabilities.
  • It helps you to create cloud-based backends without the need for manually writing codes.
  • It helps the developers to create UI, Mobile, and Full Stack Applications.
  • It helps you design an App, a Process, or a Business Site.
  • With SAP Build Code designers are provided with design time and runtime services to create Full Stack applications.
  • Additionally, it provides the Preview app, available for both mobile devices and web applications, to track the progress of your application at each step.