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What is SAP HANA Database?

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What is SAP HANA Database?

SAP HANA Database

The SAP HANA database is a hybrid in-memory database that combines row based, column based and object based database technology and it is optimized to exploit parallel processing capabilities of modern multi core/CPU architectures. With this architecture SAP Applications can benefit from current hardware technologies.

The SAP HANA database is at the heart of SAP offerings like SAP HANA appliance that help customers to improve their operation efficiency, agility, and flexibility

SAP HANA appliance

SAP HANA appliance is a flexible, data source agnostic appliance that allows customers analyze large volumes of SAP ERP, SAP BW and non-SAP data in real-time avoiding the necessity to materialize transformations.

SAP HANA appliance is a hardware and software combination that integrates a number of SAP components including the SAP HANA database and the Sybase Replication Server.

SAP HANA appliance is delivered as an optimized appliance in conjunction with leading SAP hardware partners. It is only supported to run the installation and the update on a validated SAP HANA appliance.

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