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Steps to Download and Install SAP HANA Studio

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP HANA Studio is used for developing artifacts in a HANA server. It allows technical operators to handle the SAP HANA database, to make and accomplish user approvals, to create innovative models of data or change current models of data etc.

Use SAP Service Market Place to download SAP HANA Studio:

SAP products can be bought from SAP service market place. One can buy SAP HANA Studio by following the below given steps.

  • The first step is to visit SAP Service Market Place
  • The next step is to select Support Packages and Patches
  • Now follow the following procedure select-> A-Z Index: H -> SAP HANA Enterprise Edition -> SAP HANA Enterprise EDIT .1.0 -> Comprised Software Component Versions -> SAP HANA STUDIO 1.00 -> ->current operating system>
  • Now, start the SAPCAR executable for downloading the SAR file. Extract the SAR file.
  • By using the command SAPCAR -xvf to extract the file.
  • Then, start the HDBSETUP executable for installation and updating of SAP HANA Studio.
  • When asked, utilize options such as Install new SAP HANA Studio to continue with the installation process.

How to download free SAP HANA Studio?

Use HANA Developer Edition-SAP HANA Studio in order to download free SAP HANA Studio.

Which installation paths can be used?

If Installation Path during installation is not specified; then the below given default values are applied:

  • Microsoft Windows 32-bit -> C:Program Filessaphdbstudio
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit -> C:Program Filessaphdbstudio
  • Microsoft Windows 32-bit (x86) -> C:Program Files (x86)saphdbstudio
  • Linux x86, 64-bit -> /usr/sap/hdbstudio

The SAP HANA studio can be installed without being a root user. While installing the SAP HANA studio without managerial rights, the installed SAP HANA studio is only accessible to the person who has installed it.

The default installation folder for Mac operating system is as given below:

/Users/%USERPROFILE%/sap/ hdbstudio.

The default installation folder for Microsoft Windows is %USERPROFILE%saphdbstudio, while the default installation folder for Linux is $HOME/sap/hdbstudio.

In what way should you open SAP HANA studio?

In case you are using Microsoft Windows; then follow the below mentioned points:

  • Go to the start menu
  • Click on start and select All Programs
  • From the List of Programs select SAP HANA and then click on SAP HANA Studio
  • The SAP HANA Studio will start

In case you are using Linux; then follow the below mentioned points:

  • Open a shell and then go to the installation directory, for example /usr/sap/hdbstudio
  • Implement the following command “./hdbstudio”.
  • The SAP HANA Studio will start

Thus, with these simple steps, one can download and install the SAP HANA Studio and set it up on the system. Please note that the SAP HANA server is installed only by trained technicians for certified hardware vendors. Any individual cannot download and install the database software on the server.