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SAP HANA Transport Container

25 Oct 2016 1:10 pm || 0

Transporting ABAP for SAP HANA content with HANA content with HANA Transport Container

What is HANA Transport Container?

A HANA transport container is an ABAP development object which is used to transport SAP HANA content which is used by ABAP applications (ABAP for SAP HANA). It used is used for integration of HANA Repository object into the Change Transport System.

Key Features of HANA Transport Container

  • Transported with standard ABAP transports
  • Integrated into existing CTS transport landscape
  • Integrated into SAP process tools (QGM, ChaRM)

Development Environment in HANA Transport Container

ABAP Development

  • All the ABAP development is done in an ABAP development tool known as ADT (ABAP Development tool).
  • Consumption of SAP HANA repository objects with the help of proxies in ABAP repository.
  • Software logistic is driven by ABAP

SAP HANA Development

  • SAP HANA content development is done in SAP HANA Studio.
  • The HANA content is exclusively used by SAP ABAP.

Working of HANA Transport Container

  • ABAP development objects integrate the SAP HANA repository object into a standard ABAP transport request with a logical transport object.
  • Delivery Units is a transportable unit in SAP HANA. HANA Transport Container can be assigned to only one SAP HANA delivery unit.
  • SAP HANA Objects must be transported together with ABAP development objects.

Basic SAP HANA Container Transport LandScape

Source System

  1. SAP HANA studio create delivery unit and assign the relevant packages.
  2. In ABAP development tool an ABAP package is created and is assigned to ABAP transport request.
  3. HANA Transport container which comprise of 1:1 ratio assign the Delivery Unit and select and release the appropriate ABAP transport request to SAP HANA target system.

Target System

  1. ABAP transport request is imported
  2. Deploy and activation of SAP HANA content Delivery Unit with assigned packages so that we have the required object available in the target system.

Use case of HANA Transport container

  • Development scenarios with SAP HANA content exclusively used by ABAP application.

Advantages of HANA Transport container

  • SAP HANA artefacts are integrated into standard ABAP transport requests.
  • Integration in SAP process tools (ChaRM, QGM)

Disadvantage of HANA Transport container

  • SAP HANA content is part of an ABAP software component
  • Software logistics for AS ABAP SAP HANA Transport Container