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SAP Leonardo

Updated Apr 04, 2024

In today’s fast-growing technological landscape, it is crucial for all industries to become digital. SAP Leonardo is an innovative platform offered by SAP that helps companies run their business processes using the latest technologies such as Design thinking services, Machine learning, Big Data, IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain, Data Intelligence & Data Analytics, etc. 

All these technologies are integrated into the cloud platform. It provides additional services to companies, enabling them to digitize their operations seamlessly.

Built on SAP HANA, Leonardo is a suite of cutting-edge technologies offered by SAP to companies, facilitating their digital transformation. It is a platform that brings intelligence into the SAP portfolio by incorporating the latest technologies.

Leonardo assists developers in their business processes by integrating smart services such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

SAP Leonardo is an intelligent suite offered by SAP, designed to enhance intelligence by integrating the following intelligent technologies:

Big Data:

It enables you to have access to a wide range of data from multiple sources whether structured or unstructured.

Design thinking:

It empowers users to envision future digital enterprises with the support of expert advice and guidance.

Machine learning:

 It involves teaching machines to learn and understand patterns. It provides an infrastructure to analyze past data, discover patterns, and create statistical models to make predictions about the future.


It can analyze large amounts of data to extract important information used to solve business issues.

Block Chain:

It facilitates producing accurate and fast results while eliminating the chances of fraud.

Internet Of Things (IoT):

It encompasses a collection of services, apps, and templates used for collecting and exchanging data

Component of SAP Leonardo machine learning

SAP Predictive Analytic: 

It enables you to explore data and construct machine-learning models. This standalone on-premise solution empowers your data analyst or data scientist to build, train, or deploy machine learning models.

SAP HANA Analytic Library: 

It is ideal for training your advanced custom models within an SAP environment.

Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation:

It is a flexible system that enables you to scale your machine-learning models and integrate the results into your enterprise applications.

What are the benefits of SAP Leonardo solution for your business?

  • Integrate the latest technologies:  SAP Leonardo has the capability to integrate with other solutions such as ERP, SAP S/4 HANA, and others. It helps businesses identify opportunities for expansion and incorporates future technologies into their cloud applications. So the main benefit of SAP Leonardo is that it allows you to integrate with many SAP products.
  • Improve productivity: SAP Leonardo empowers your business to integrate the latest technologies, allowing you to utilize available resources in the best possible way and boost productivity.
  • Discover business opportunities: With the help of the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis, you can uncover vast business possibilities.
  • Digital transformation: It aids in implementing modern business techniques and automated processes to digitize operations.
  • Remote access: It enables remote access to various machines and allows for the alteration of their functionality as needed.


In summary, SAP Leonardo is infusing intelligent technologies into SAP core processes, making them more adaptive and intelligent to changes.