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Saving incomplete sales order - error message V0102

31 Jan 2012 8:38 am || 0


To reproduce the error, proceed as follows:
1. Choose the IS-Oil entry screen to create and save a sales order whichis incomplete (with respect to the incompletion procedure).
2. In the 'Save incomplete document' dialog box, choose 'Process data'. 3. Select 'Save'.
The system now produces error message O5106: 'No entry exists for partner role    and customer  ?  in Table KNVP'.
If you continue by going back (F3) twice, the system will produce error message V0102:
'Flow control: Entry SAPMV45A,     , A0, *   , *   , * is missing in T185'

Cause and prerequisites

The entry in Screen Sequence Control Table T185 with the key fields:
PANEL     *
POSGR     *
was incorrect. The flags for DUNKEL and RUFEN should not be set.


Apply the transport mentioned below to your system. Since screen sequence control table entreis are client-specific, you have to make sure that you merge the relevant table entry into all clients!
You can also make the necessary change manually in each client by doing the following:
The flags for DUNKEL and RUFEN should not be set. You can use Transaction SM31 to maintain Table T185. Select the table entry with the above key and remove the check-marks (x) in the ' using CALL' and 'Background' checkboxes.

Download and import Transport SAPKI3H033.
The transport files are available on the following servers:
SAPSERVx: ~ftp/specific/isoil/31H/NOTES/Note.0101411/...
The object list for this transport can be found on:
SAPSERVx: ~ftp/specific/isoil/31H/NOTES/Note.contents/SAPKI3H033.TXT
This transport should only be applied to IS-OIL systems (see Note
47531). Note 13719 describes how to import a correction to a
customer system.
IMPORTANT supplementary information: Before installing the note
as described above, refer to OSS Note 98642 and/or 98876 for the
correct sequence.