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Shipping Type, Route and Shipment Type


We can have shipping type defined in delivery (thru exits since it does not appear automatically or we can select manually in outbound deliveries).

Shipping types can also be defined while creating routes. I have three questions:

1) If the shipping type is 20(rail) in the route A. So is the shipping type 20 auto proposed from the route A determined in delivery? Can we have shipping type changed to 10 (truck ) in our delivery document which has route A?

2) Can we have more than one route in the shipment document? Is it possible?

3) We can select deliveries to be included in shipment document based on shipping type in the search criteria for deliveries. If we use shipping type 20 (rail) in search criteria, it is possible that we have many different routes with that shipping types. So in that case, how will the system create shipments?

4) In our system, it is proposed not to use shipping type in future. What will the impact of the same?