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How should a user exit be maintained for field PCASUB-PRCTR within the PCA substitution?

14 Dec 2012 12:25 pm || 0

How to use the PCA substitution for the specification of the profit center in sales orders and billing documents?

User exit for PCA substitution

This note shows a simple example of a user exit. As a profit center, the profit center 'PC_A' should always be used with sales organization '0001', and otherwise always 'PC_B'.

    1. Use Transaction 0KEM to create a substitute. Under the substitution step, maintain the prerequisites under which the exit run. In this example, entry: TRUE.

    2. Implement the source code from the attached advance corrections in the formpool assigned to substitutions (table T80D, see FI-SL doumentation for the creation of substitutions). In the example, the name of the formpool is ZGGBS002 and exit U345 should be created. The source code of form routine 'U345' is changed to ist actual substitution logic.

    3. In 'Edit -> Insert Entry (F5)', select entry 'PCASUB-PRCTR' as the field for the substitution. In field 'Sub. Exit', enter the name of your user exit (in this example, therefore, U345).

Note that the substitution only works if the 'TABLES' statement comes BEFORE the 'form' instruction!