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Steps for Variant Configuration and Pricing by an Example

Updated Jul 09, 2018

I want to configure motercycle having different types of colour, each colour have varity of standered feature as wall as differnt CC. while want to create slaes order I want motercyle with speciefic colour, Cc feature. which is not possible while creating BOM it will only be configer by materiel Varient Configration.

Here are the Steps for Variant Configuration:

1. Create a Material of your Motor Cycle using Material type KMAT(MM01).

2. Then create a characteristic called ZColour(SAP has a standard Characteristic for this but it has multiple values-i.e you can select more than one colour for your Bike. If you do not want that create your own)with character format and assign single value radio button on the initial screen. Go to values Tab and give the colours you need. save the characteristic. Similarly repeat for CC(I figure this CC as 100cc & 200cc kind of thing.If you want these as materials then it is a different story-I am taking this as feature as well)

3. Create a class called Zbike with the above 2 the class

4. Create a configuration profile Zbikeprof using Cu41 and assign the Kmat material to Class Zbike,

5. Then create the order and Enter the Kmat material you want in the Order. 


  • 11 Apr 2006 11:56 am Guest
    i want full step for varient configuration
    how super bom explode
    three level bom
  • 12 Jul 2008 8:11 pm CHINMAYANANDA
    The procedure is as follows:
    • Create a Material - KMAT type with Item category (002)
    • Create Charateristics in CT04 - Zbike, where in values mention the Color of the bile like Red, Blue etc
    • Create another characteristics in CT04 - ZPrice, where directly go the additional data tab and maintain the table SDCOM and field VKOND (ABAP Dictionary it will ask for)
    • Assign these two characteristics to a Class in CL01 - ZBikeclass ( Type 300) in characteristics tab page.
    • Then go to CU41 Configuration profile select the material and enter the description click on the class assignment ie assign Zbikclass.
    • Now go back to CT04 - enter Zbike -go to values- select Red- go to extras - Other Dependencies - Select Procedure enter in front 10 write - $self.ZPrice='Red' and save
    • Now go back go to extras - Other Dependencies - assignments and assign relationship ( by default it will come just save)
    • Now select Blue- go to extras - Other Dependencies - Editor - Select Procedure enter in front of 10 write - $self.ZPrice='Blue' and save
    • Now go back go to extras - Other Dependencies - assignments and assign relationship ( by default it will come just save)
    • Now go to VK11 - Enter VA00 (Condition)(For Std RVA001 Pricing Procedure) - enter variant Red and Blue give the rates accordingly and create the sales order.
  • 13 Feb 2009 12:27 pm Swetha
    Can you tell us the process of doing sales return for a kmat material..
    How to bring cost for a sales return material?