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Substitution call-up points for sales order/billing document

14 Dec 2012 1:28 pm || 0

When you create a sales order and billing document, you do not know when the profit center substitution is called, or to what extent this can be controlled using the active indicator in Customizing (transaction 0KEL).

General information

During sales order processing, there are two value flows to Profit Center Accounting (PCA): The goods issue (costs) and the billing document (revenues). Accordingly, there are also two possible profit centers: The profit center of the goods issue (PC_DELIV) and the profit center of the billing document (PC_BILL).
Up to Release 4.0B, only the active indicators 0, 1 or 2 were available for the profit center substitution. As of Release 4.5, the active indicators 3 and 4 have been added to provide new functions (see below). If you implement Note 112974, this function is available as an advance development in releases earlier than 4.5 as well. However, the active indicators are then reinterpreted:

Active indicator | Release lower than 4.5 with Note 112974 | 4.5 equivalent
                 |        0                        |          0
                 |        1                        |          3
                 |        2                        |          4

Therefore, you must only implement this note if you require the new function. In addition, following an upgrade from a release with Note 112974 to Release 4.5 or higher, you must change the active indicator in accordance with the table above in transaction 0KEL to retain the system response from the old release.
The call of the substitution in PCA depends on whether the sales order is a cross-company code order or not.  There is a cross-company situation if the sales organization of the sales order belongs to a different company code than the delivering plant.

Substitution in non-cross-company cases

In this case, PC_DELIV equals PC_BILL, which equals the profit center of the sales order item (PC_SO). This ensures that costs and revenues are opposite each other in the same profit center.
The PC_SO without substitution is always proposed from the combination of material and plant (active indicator 0, 2 or 4). If you require a different profit center, you can define a relevant substitution (active indicator 1 or 3).

Substitution in cross-company cases

In this case, PC_DELIV always equals PC_SO. However, PC_BILL can be determined independently using the substitution. This means that PC_DELIV receives only the costs and PC_BILL only the revenues. Therefore, in an additional step, you must use an internal billing document and invoice receipt to create a clearing. For the internal billing document, the delivering profit center is transferred automatically from the sales order (= PC_SO = PC_DELIV).
Without substitution, PC_SO is always proposed from the material/plant combination. If you require a profit center that is different from this, you can use a substitution (active indicator 3 or 4).
If no substitution is maintained, the dummy profit center is used as PC_BILL. If there is a substitution with the active indicator 1, 2, 3 or 4, a new profit center is derived when the billing document is created. This applies even though the substitution call-up point in transaction 0KEM is still called 0001 "Create Sales Order".
! The substitution is not called for the following procedures:  Internal billing documents, stock transport orders, and replenishment deliveries with reference to stock transport orders.

Summary of call-up points

The following table summarizes the call-up points when the profit center substitution is called, depending on the active indicator (AID).

AID  |        Non-cross-company          |          Cross-company
    |  Sales order   | Billing doc (*) |  Sales order   | Billing doc
0  |       -        |    -          |       -        |     -
1  |       X        |    -          |       -        |     X
2  |       -        |    -          |       -        |     X
3**|       X        |    -          |       X        |     X
4**|       -        |    -          |       X        |    X

"-": Substitution is not called
"X": Substitution is called

(*) In the non-cross-company case, the system always uses the profit center of the sales order in the billing document (see above).
(**) In releases lower than 4.5, these call-up points are only available with Note 112974 (see above).

List of the abbreviations used

Profit center to which postings are made for the goods issue
PC_SO Profit center that is located in the sales order
PC_BILL Profit center to which postings are made in the billing document
AID Active indicator of the substitution rule in transaction 0KEL

If you work with the "Profit Center for Billing" field (PCTRF) in Release 4.7, see Note 815972.