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Tax code in procedure TAXINJ is invalid

Hi SD Experts,

I'm getting this error, While releasing the Domestic Invoice document to Accounts. I've defined multiple tax codes & maintained the relevant condition records in VK11.

Still i'm getting this issue..................................

Tax code in procedure TAXINJ is invalid

The details are:

Tax code in procedure TAXINJ is invalid
Message no. FICORE704

Diagnosis: The tax code entered is not defined in the country for this company code.

System response
Check and, if necessary, correct the entry.
Procedure for System Administration:
If it is not an input error, check and possibly change the system settings.

To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).
1. Check whether the required tax determination procedure is assigned to the relevant country. The Procedure field is in the detail screen.
2. Create a new tax code if required.

Please suggest me how to resolve this error with all details.

Thanks & Regards,

Santhana Kumar


  • 26 Feb 2009 11:34 am Guest
    did u get a solution?
  • 05 Mar 2009 5:51 am Guest
    What is TAXINJ